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Welcome to The Candle Hutch

We are distributors for American Soy soy wax, fragrance oils, dyes and wicks. We provide all the products necessary to make pleasantly fragrant, wonderfully colored, long-burning, toxic-free soy candles, including glass candle jars. We are located in Illinois, and will ship to anywhere within the US.
The benefits of soy candle wax are numerous and it is our pleasure to provide only the highest quality soy candle making products to all of our customers.
Candle makers of all levels are welcome at The Candle Hutch. Anyone from casual hobbyists who make soy candles for personal use and gifts, to entrepreneurs to candle making companies will find a new appreciation for this innovative product and immediately realize the benefits of soy-based candles.  

We, at The Candle Hutch, are committed to enlightening the candle making and candle burning world about the many benefits of soy-based candles.   We are also devoted to make the necessary ingredients available for these wonderful candles to the inspired candle maker.  

The bottom line is that we encourage the use of soy candles for everyone using or making candles today. 

Soy wax is made from natural soybeans grown right here in the USA. Purchasing and making soy candles is an excellent way to support American farmers.

It is a natural non-toxic, biodegradable
wax; therefore, it is an excellent choice for those wishing to burn natural, environmentally friendly candles in their home or workplace.

Most candle making supply orders ship within 1  to 2 business day.

The Candle Hutch is also a manufacturer of pleasantly fragrant, wonderfully colored, long burning, toxic-free soy candles.  The Candle Hutch hand pours all our soy candles right here in Galesburg, IL.
Most candle orders ship within 3 to 5 business days.
Featured Products
Bubble Gum - EL
Bubble Gum - EL
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Your Price: $13.45
Cinnabuns - EL
Cinnabuns - EL
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Your Price: $20.72
Comforts of Home
Comforts of Home
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Cucumber Melon - EL
Cucumber Melon - EL
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Pumpkin Thyme - EL
Pumpkin Thyme - EL
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Vanilla Coffee - EL
Vanilla Coffee - EL
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Your Price: $15.00

Please bear with us as we transition from Enchanted Lites to American Soy products.

American Soy will be offering Millennium Wax, Container Soy Wax, as well as a variety of fragrances, wicks, jars, and other Enchanted Lites items that you have purchased in the past.

Fragrances that you previously ordered from Enchanted Lites will be noted with an EL after the fragrance name.

American Soy Millennium wax is identical to the Millennium wax that you have purchased over the years, and the Container wax is the same as well. 

Order Pickup Hours:
Tues - Fri: Evenings by Appt
Sat: By Appt

Most orders ship within 1 to 2 business day.

Why choose the Candle Hutch for all your candle needs ?
- Lowest possible price.
- Natural and Non-toxic.
- Friendly knowledgeable customer support.
- Long/Lasting Burning
- Secure shopping cart.
-Fragrance last throughout the entire use.